UNCG Faculty Governance


The Faculty Senate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro represents the General Faculty in university-level governance, enacting faculty's collective responsibility to ensure excellence in learning and teaching of all kinds. This responsibility reaches from principled commitment to academic freedom and participatory democracy, to active deliberation on specific policies that guard student welfare, faculty expression and scholarship, and the welfare of all members of our university community. Often Faculty Senate also engages current matters of concern in our community and state, as these matters bear on the university's central academic mission, fostering open discussion of issues that affect our work together.

Among the particular duties of Faculty Senate outlined in "The Constitution of the General Faculty" are these:

  • Promote high educational standards;
  • Approve policies and regulations governing the conditions under which student instruction takes place;
  • Recommend promotion and tenure policies for the General Faculty's approval;
  • Review policies pertaining to faculty appointments, development, teaching, and research or creative work;
  • Advise and counsel the administration on any matters that the administration or the Faculty Senate may wish to present, and to act on these matters when appropriate;
  • Seek the advice and counsel of the General Faculty on any matter that Senate might consider, or that members of the General Faculty may bring to the Senate's attention.

Faculty Senate meetings, customarily on first Wednesdays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., are open to the public. As the Senate carries out its scheduled business, guests—other faculty, students, staff, governing board members, administrators, and the general public—are welcome to speak and contribute to our conversations.

Also open to the public are the Faculty Forums that we host to explore new issues, consider campus initiatives, and review ongoing Faculty committee tasks that will require Faculty Senate comment or action.

The essence of shared government, of which Faculty Senate is a partial expression, is the participation of all university community members in shaping our university's future. We invite you to join us in open expression and reasoned debate, in an atmosphere of inclusive respect for persons and for differing ideas, as we work together for our common goals.

Anne Wallace, Chair of Faculty Senate and of the General Faculty, 2015-17



Officers of the Faculty Senate and General Faculty

2017 - 2018

blank blank Brad Johnson blank Laurie Kennedy-Malone

Andrea Hunter
Chair of Faculty Senate and of the General Faculty (2017-2019)

Lynda Kellam
Parliamentarian of Faculty Senate and of the General Faculty (2017-2019)

Brad Johnson
Faculty Senate Secretary (2016-2018)

Anne Wallace
Past-Chair of Faculty Senate and of the General Faculty (2017-2018)

Laurie Kennedy-Malone
General Faculty Secretary (2016-2018)